Difference Between Arborist Vs Tree Surgeon

Trees are an important part of our environment because they give us oxygen, provide shade, and look nice. But keeping trees healthy and safe can be hard, which is why many people who own their own homes hire professionals to help. Arborists and tree surgeons are two of the most common people who are hired to do work on trees. When deciding who to hire for a tree-related job, it’s important to know the difference between the two.

Arborists: The Tree Care Specialists


A professional whose job is to take care of, manage, and keep trees in good shape.

Arborist Responsibilities:

  • Planting, pruning, fertilising, diagnosing and treating diseases or pests are all part of the job.
  • Making sure that trees in cities and suburbs are healthy and safe in general.
  • They might work for cities, landscape companies, or people who own private property.

Tree Surgeons: The Experts at Taking Down Trees


A tree surgeon is a professional who specialises in taking down and maintaining trees in hard or dangerous places.

Tree Surgeon Responsibilites:

  • Take down trees that are dead or sick. 
  • Trees that are too close to buildings or power lines should be cut down.
  • Climbing trees and cutting their branches in places that are hard to get to.
  • They might have had advanced training in climbing and rigging, and they might use special tools like harnesses and ropes to do their jobs.


  • Arborists are in charge of taking care of and maintaining trees, while tree surgeons remove and take care of trees that are in dangerous or hard to reach places.
  • Tree surgeons may work in more rural or wild areas, while arborists work in cities and suburbs.
  • Tree surgeons may have more advanced training and special tools to help them work in hard or dangerous situations.

Expertise and Training

Both arborists and tree surgeons need to know a lot and have a lot of skill to do their jobs safely and well. They must also be able to tell the difference between different kinds of trees and know how they grow. They must also be able to spot signs of disease or pests. But not all tree surgeons are arborists and vice versa. Some arborists might not have the advanced training or tools to work in hard or dangerous situations, and some tree surgeons might not know how to keep the trees healthy. So, if you need to hire a professional to do something with trees, you should know the difference between an arborist and a tree surgeon and make sure the person you hire has the skills and qualifications to do the job safely and well.

Tree Planting

Arborists are the right professionals to talk to about planting trees. They can help you choose the right kind of tree for your area and show you how to plant and take care of it. They can also help you get the soil ready and add fertiliser, which are both important steps to make sure your new tree does well. They can also help you plan your landscape so that the tree is planted in the best place and has enough room to grow.

Taking Down Trees

On the other hand, tree surgeons are the right people to call if you want to get rid of a tree. They have the advanced training and tools to safely cut down trees in hard or dangerous places, like near buildings or power lines. They also know how to safely take down trees that are dead, sick, or dangerous without hurting the area around them. Tree surgeons can also help property owners get rid of stumps and roots, which can be hard and take a lot of time. They can also help recycle or get rid of the tree in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment. They can finish the blog by making sure this is done.


Tree pruning is another task that both arborists and tree surgeons can do, but the way they do it may be different. Arborists care for the health and appearance of the tree as a whole, while tree surgeons focus on getting rid of any dangerous branches or limbs that could hurt someone. Arborists may also prune trees to change their shape or get rid of diseased or dead branches. Tree surgeons may also cut back branches that are too close to buildings or power lines. Both types of professionals will know how to prune trees in a way that encourages healthy growth and reduces the risk of harming the tree or the area around it.

Final Thoughts

In the end, both arborists and tree surgeons are very important to making sure our trees stay healthy and safe. Whether you need help planting, pruning, or removing a tree, it’s important to know the difference between the three and make sure you hire a professional with the right skills and qualifications for the job. With the help of an arborist or tree surgeon, you can make sure that your trees will grow well and add to the beauty of your property for years to come. Always make sure a professional has the right certifications and licences before you hire them. This will give you peace of mind and a good job.

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