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With Napier Tree Removal's years of experience, you can be confident that our team will safely and cost-effectively remove unwanted or damaged palm fronds from properties in Napier and surrounding suburbs.

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Palm trees are an excellent way to add a tropical feel to your home all year. However, with beauty comes responsibility. Your palms' maintenance requirements will increase as they grow. Some palms are self-cleaning, which means their fronds and seed pods shed naturally.

However, not all are self-cleaning and can be an unappealing sight. Not to mention the danger posed when palm fronds begin to fall, as well as the possibility of germinating and wreaking havoc in your garden. This is why it is critical to hire a professional to perform a proper palm tree clean throughout your palm's lifespan.

Because palm tree maintenance is frequently a dangerous and complicated process, it should only be performed by a highly skilled professional. Attempting to complete these tasks on your own is extremely dangerous, and you run the risk of tripping over power and gas lines, which can result in serious injury.

If you're interested in learning more about our Napier palm fond removal service, get in contact with us right away. We offer obligation-free quotations for all of our services. You may get in touch with our helpful customer care team seven days a week by calling 06 888 7071, or you can fill out the free quote request form at any time, and we'll respond as soon as we can.



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Professional Napier Palm Fond Removal

Napier Tree Services obtain all of the necessary equipment to complete the job in a safe and efficient manner. We understand that no two palm frond removal jobs are alike, which is why we offer a free quotation service in which one of our expert tree loppers will visit your property and provide you with an accurate quote. Our customers keep coming back because we have excellent industry knowledge and reasonable tree removal prices.

Every job is infused with our love of palms and gardens. Every member of our team will bring their enthusiasm for the outdoors to your door. We promise to keep you informed at every stage of the process, to ensure that you understand everything and that we are available to answer any questions you may have.

We are so confident in our service that we will provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you're looking for a Napier palm fond removal expert who has all of the necessary knowledge to care for all types of Palm trees, you've come to the right place. We serve Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

Call our team today for more information and to set up a time for your free quote.

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Do you have palm fronds that needs to be removed? If this is the case, please contact Napier Tree Services. We'd be delighted to come to your home and perform a controlled blocking out. We'll leave you with a clean space, and you can contact us today to schedule your appointment!


Palm Fond Removal Method

There are several methods for removing palm fronds in Napier, but one of the most common is Controlled Blocking Out. Our employees have years of experience and hundreds of successful removals using this method.

We then begin removing the palm tree's crown with hand saws. As the fronds fall, our staff collects them and places them on the mat for an extra layer of padding. The segmented block will eventually land here. Then we tie a large chainsaw to our tree climber, and they start cutting the block into smaller segments and dropping them onto the prepared surface below. We finish the project by safely and effectively grinding down the stump of the palm tree and cleaning up any debris. If there isn't enough space to perform the controlled blocking out technique, we use more advanced rigging techniques to safely dismantle the block into segments and lower them to the ground, where they are disposed of.

How To Prevent Palm Fronds Falling Down

Palm trees do not need to be pruned. Damaged foliage, on the other hand, can be trimmed back for aesthetic purposes or to encourage new growth. Cut the fronds back to the point where the stalk meets the trunk. For smaller trees, use scissors or pruning shears, and for larger palm trees, use loppers or a pole saw. There will be foliage that naturally dies back. This is not required, but it can be trimmed if desired. This will not harm your tree and may even promote faster regrowth. Trim damaged foliage from indoor palm trees with scissors for a neat appearance.

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